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CaptureMe3D, LLC

Dba People & Pets in 3D

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Dba People & Pets in 3D 

The best thing about Memories

.....is making them

Our Full Body 3D Figurines are available from 1” – 14”. Our Half Body Figurines are available from 1.5” – 7”

Family Keepsakes • Wedding Cake Toppers • Birthday & Anniversary Gifts • Souvenirs

People & Pets In 3D 


CaptureMe3D makes a life-like replica of: yourself, your loved one, your pet, or a special moment such as: engagement, wedding cake toppers, pregnancy, newborn and charting your children’s growth, and keepsakes of grandparents, special moments such as: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family prints, sports, the arts, military or any uniformed occupation, fashion shoots, prom portraits, creative gift ideas and much more. If you want to remember it, let CaptureMe3D help.


Read About CaptureMe3D’s Keepsakes of People and Pets Capture Special Moments http://bit.ly/2Jh25a3

How we do it?

Through an array of cameras and lighting, your image is captured and CaptureMe3D creates a 3D image. Once you select the size of the print, we take care of the rest. In about a three weeks, your 3D print will arrive to your home for you to enjoy and share with family and friends.

3 Simple Steps

Stop into CaptureMe3D store.  We'll take your info, check for stray hairs, and help you nail your pose.

Review your images, and if you're happy with what you see, you are good to GO.

Our proprietary software converts the images into high resolution 3D files that are then 3D printed at one of our production centers. Your 3D print is typically delivered in 3-4 weeks.

Celebrate life's biggest and smallest moments, as well as everything in between.​

This process can be experienced by all. A photo captures one angle of an image. When you use CaptureMe3D, the whole image is captured and you can hold that moment in your hands, it is CaptureMe3D.

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