Put Yourself in the GAME with 3D Miniatures 

CaptureMe3D is excited to offer full-color resin miniature figurines/Action Figures.  3D printed figurines produced with full-color resin 3D printing are much stronger and have better color quality than figurines produced with full-color sandstone 3D printing. They are available in 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6", 7", 8" and 9" sizes. 

  • More freedom in how to pose- With parts being stronger, 3D prints are much less likely to break during the 3D printing process allowing you to be much more expressive in how you pose. While there are still some constraints, stuff like arms/fingers spread apart, brims of hats and other intricate details are much less of an issue to 3D print with full-color resin.

  • Longer lasting products- In addition to being stronger, full-color resin 3D prints are more water resistant than the full-color sandstone product. This means they'll likely be more resistant to humidity. Also, being stronger not only means more freedom in how to pose, but also means the print is less likely to be damaged if you accidentally drop it.

  • Smaller sizes- Full-color resin 3D printing also means being able to 3D print at much smaller sizes while still retaining detail. This makes the 1-inch and 2-inch 3D printed figurines a possibility.  If you are in the miniature community, such as gamers, it now makes it possible to put yourself in your own dioramas.

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Benefits of Resin 3D Products

  • Significantly improved durability vs. Sandstone 3D Products

  • Significantly improved color accuracy vs. Sandstone 3D products

  • Improved color detail vs. Sandstone 3D Products (at comparable size)

  • Water-resistant without a coating

Additional Notes About Resin 3D Products

  • The surface of the print has a shiny finish

  • "Build lines" will still be visible, but not as pronounced as on sandstone (smaller layer height in 3D printing process, so thinner layers in final product)

  • Larger Prints will show more detail

  • Prints are solid and do not have hollowed insides/feet

  • Still not a toy, as small parts can be a choking hazard

  • Still negatively affected by UV light, so keep your resin prints away from UV light sources if you want to ensure they do not fade.

  • Negatively affected by heat, so ensure you keep your resin prints in a cool environment to avoid bending/deformation

  • Very small parts are brittle/breakable, but are still generally printable/able to ship

  • Potential for more interesting poses, as it can handle small/thin parts much better

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