CaptureMe3D Pricing Add-Ons


Circular Base

A circular base will help your 3D figurine stand and help avoid breakage. However, even without a base most 3D figurines will stand on their own. If you are using the figurine as a cake topper a circular base will provide excellent stability and protection. We recommend adding a circular base for all Full-Body figurines over 5”. It is a great way to help protect your investment from falling over and breaking. Prices vary by size, refer to Retail Pricing for complete details.


BASIC Touch Up (Included at No Charge)

Texture (color detail)

  • Lighten nostrils (dark nostrils cause black spots on noses).

  • Color/paint over top of head (where white/gray distortion may be).

  • Lighten dark corners of mouth and any open mouth areas that have turned black.

  • Remove all shadowing by painting under chin, arms, and legs where possible.

  • Make clothing color even if solid color, e.g. no blotches.

  • Smooth edges of eyes/other facial features if they are jagged.

  • Paint over stray streaks of color that are mis-projection.

  • Ensure hair texture matches photo set and is not mis-projected.

Mesh (Geometry detail)

  • Remove minor webbing between arms and legs.

  • Smooth model where bumpiness occurs.

  • Ensure feet have decent geometry and are thick enough to be printable.

  • Thicken any props in the scan to be printable.

  • Fix any minor mesh defects by smoothing them.

  • Fix shape of head if head is misshapen due to bump at top.


Extended Repair Touch Ups

  • These can only be added by production for BASIC orders when it is absolutely necessary. With this new tier, HD-level artists will be able to make a limited number of fixes and then allow the touch up to continue as a standard touch up.

  • The extended repair touch ups are set at a $20 flat rate.


Texture (color detail)

  • No changes from the BASIC touch up.

  • Mesh (Geometry detail)

  • Everything from the “Basic” list above, plus…

  • Mesh fixes for subjects with glasses.

  • Minor/limited Mesh recreation.

  • Removing major webbing in one or two areas.

  • Shoes that are partially cut off.


+ HD Touch Up

Texture (color detail)

  • Everything from the “Basic” list above, plus…

  • Ensure details on hands are correct (e.g. fingernails, texture re-painting between fingers where necessary).

Mesh (Geometry detail)

  • Everything from the “Basic” list above, plus…

  • Re-create shoes based on photo set and include detailing and definition for laces.

  • Fix any major mesh defects by recreating that part of the scan (e.g. part of an arm, part of a leg, a foot).

  • Add volume and definition to hair, including streaks.

  • Emphasize all facial features and enhance curves, including eye sockets, ears, nose, mouth, and chin.

  • Enhance edges and folds on clothing and resolve any issues with these that may be due to occlusion in the original scan.


+ HD Touch Up for Full Body and Half Body Prints

  • 1 person $40  

  • 2 person $60

  • 3 person $80

  • 4 person $100