Do's and Don’ts
3D photography works differently than standard photography. Please review our FAQ’s:


All kinds of bright colors, large patterns and textures work the best. The 3D formation process works great when using bright, well-defined colors. Clearly defined bright colors will “pop” and look excellent. Having different colors of clothing (tops, bottoms, shoes) and different layers or patterns with color variations in it will work very well. For family or group captures we recommend NOT wearing the exact same color of clothing. Different colors and/or patterns with each person dressed differently.


NOT recommended:
High heels 4” and up, “stiletto”, large earrings, highly reflective materials such as patent leather, sequins
and glitter, thin pinstripes and clothing with small patterns. Shiny material like silk or highly polished
leather, transparent material like tulle or thin chiffon, extremely fine-structured fabrics across a large
area. Glasses with subtle frames or rimless glasses will not work. We recommend not wearing glasses.
HD Touch up/repair is required at an additional charge.


Eye shadow does not work well for a 3D capture, it’s best to wear very little, if any.


Avoid heavy, thick and dark colors. All other makeup products such as mascara, brow, lipstick,
foundation, lashes are perfectly fine.


What should I wear?
You only need to bring or wear the outfit you would like to be captured in. The scanning system
analyzes the surface details. The more variation it can see the better quality the result.


How should I pose?
Generally, if you can hold a pose for 3-4 seconds that’s all it takes. Some poses are not
recommended for smaller 3D prints (3” and 4” figurines) due to arms and legs being too small
and fragile and subject to breakage. 3D figurines larger than 7” have almost no limitations.

How long does a 3D scan session take?
The process of capturing the images takes only a few seconds. A selection of the images is processed by the computer for your review, which takes less than one minute. You can then decide if you like the pose or you want to re-shoot. Once you have a pose you like, the images are sent to be processed into a 3D image, which takes about 15 minutes. The whole session takes about 30 minutes.


How many people can you scan at once?
Ideally, groups of no more than 3 but a maximum of 4 people, depending on the pose. Large dogs or pets will count as a person. Please refer to the “Guidelines” for complete explanations. Can I bring in accessories and props to be captured with me? Yes, but some limitations apply. Please consult with us if you are planning to use any props. We can advise what will work best and how best to pose.


What are the limitations?
You need to be at least 3 feet tall and be able to stand on your own. Infants will need to be held in guardians or parents arms as will small pets.


What is HD Touch Up?
It’s an added enhancement stage performed manually by the professional 3D artist at the manufacturing facility. HD Touch Up can be added to 3D prints, Full Body, Half Body and Busts starting at $40. Refer to the Touch Up Detail sheet for what corrections and repairs are performed. HD Touch Up is required for the following:

  • You are wearing glasses of any kind

  • You are barefoot or wearing flip-flops, y-shaped straps, sandals, slippers or open toe

  • footwear

  • You are wearing floor length dresses, gowns including all bridal dresses.

  • A circular base is optional however it is required for certain poses, including floor length dresses or gowns.

Can I bring in my pet to get a 3D pint of it?
Yes, we always welcome pets. Advanced booking is required. Pets are best captured with you and not alone. Pets count as people unless they are small, less than 10 lbs. and are held in arms. Please review or Pet Waiver, you are agreeing to it when entering the studio with your pet. Pets scanned alone will have a different reproduction and cost than people. This is due to the form
and geometry of their shape. See Product Pricing Guidelines for a complete explanation.



What is the “People & Pets in 3D” figurine made of?
They are made of a finely powered gypsum sandstone like material. They feel similar to a light rock and weigh between 3 – 10 ounces, depending on size, number of people in the print and if it has a base. A protective coating is available which protects your figurine from UV rays(sunlight fading) and moisture. Additional fees apply at the time of ordering.


What is the turnaround time?
Production to completion time is around 3-4 weeks. We are always doing our best to shorten this time and will update you as soon as your order is sent for delivery of pick up. All 3D products arrive in a generic cardboard box, carefully packed in bubble wrap to protect them during shipment. 3D crystals are package in “gift boxes”.


Is it safe to be scanned?
Yes, it’s the same as having your picture taken with a camera or cell phone. The imaging does not involve the use of any sort of rays or waves.


What is the resolution of the digital picture textures?
Preview models have a 4K texture. Full resolutions (print) models have an 8K texture.


What type of payments do you accept?
All major credit cards and debit cards and cash.


Do you offer discounts for large, bulk or corporate orders?
Yes, for multiple quantities or large orders please contact us with your order details. We will be happy to work up a quote for you.

Contact us at: or by phone: 402-597-2694



Any item smaller than an approximately ½ inch in diameter may not print with all details and can be subject to breakage. Items such as small pieces of jewelry, rings and strings will be visible but with less detail. Extended fingers are usually an exception to this rule when printed as large figurines. Thin objects may also not print well or might be very delicate. Be aware some details will not be as crisp as in reality. Details of a particular pattern or tattoo may not be reproduced clearly. Exact colors/hues of your clothing and skin may not appear exactly as they are, but they’ll come close.


Product Care Instructions

Your CaptureMe3D figurine is a fragile item so please take good care of it and follow care instructions. Care and maintenance for each 3D figurine should be regarded similar to a porcelain ornament used for display or decorative purposes only. They are not to be used as a toy or given to underage children. The material is hard and brittle and will break if dropped. In order to keep your 3D figurine in the best condition possible, ensuring the color is preserved for a prolonged period, 3D prints should be kept in a warm, dry environment. Do not store the 3D figurine on window ledges or shelves with direct sunlight and prevent exposure to temperatures below freezing.


Your 3D figurine is not waterproof. If you get water on a 3D print it can cause the colors to bleed and can weaken the model. We do offer an optional protective coating which will add an extra layer of protection.

What if my CaptureMe3D figurine arrives broken?
(If home delivery was selected) With 2 days of your 3D figurine arriving, we need to be notified by email at

What is your return/refund policy?
We have a strict NO RETURN/REFUND POLICY. All our products offered are custom made, which are created and designed fully based on individual customers thus have no market resale value. As a result, we will not accept the return or exchange of such items. If you paid for shipping and your order was shipped directly to you and arrived broken or damaged in transport, please contact us within 2 days of receiving your product. We will do our best to assist with correcting the problem. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.