After you take a 3D scan in our exclusive 3D photo booth, you will have access to a FREE rotating GIF file* (see below). GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is the second most common image format on the internet and is often used in animated graphic files. *GIF files are raw and unedited. All purchased 3D prints are reviewed and edited by a 3D artist.

CaptureMe3D will make your GIF file available to you free of charge so you can download them and share with friends, facebook or instragram.

And what a great way to promote your company, business, occupation or hobby! We can help you come up with creative ways to promote just about anything. 

140611567193012 Ruth football.gif
140641568495039 Love girls and dog.gif
140621572201472 Kelsie and Samuel.gif
140621565557807 Brutus and Bandit.gif
Kent and dog.gif