Remembering your Pets

3D Pet Prints

For many pet owners, a beloved family dog or cat is more than an animal they share a home with. Your pet may truly be a part of the family as well as a best friend. People spend a small fortune on pet photography  preserve spectacular moments with their pets.

However, why would you settle for a flat photograph of your pet when you can easily capture them in a 3D figurine.


Some prefer to create a beautiful 3D print of only their animal while others want a figurine of them holding and interacting with their pet.

Some want a 3D print of their pet just as they are, some like to dress them in costumes, dresses, hats and the like.


Either way or both ways, at People and Pets in 3D we will help you get that perfect memory.  

Capture Your Pet’s Personality with a 3D Pet Prints

Because pets are smaller than humans they will need to sit on a special carpet covered box to get them high enough off the floor for the cameras in the 3D photo booth to capture them.  If you have a larger pet, we have several boxes we can use to ensure your pet is comfortable and stable for the scan. It is your responsibility to get your pet in your desired position, standing, sitting or laying down, in the booth area as the pet is the only one in the booth at the time of the scan.

Remember, because of the size of the animals and the processing of the 3D print itself, animals will be reproduced at a reduced size. (Refer to “Guidelines” for complete explanation) Example: A print of a dog sitting or standing will be produced at 50% of the size ordered. ie: an 8” print will result in a 4” figurine.

A print of a pet laying prone will result in a print reproduced at 25%.

ie: an 8” print will result in a 2” figurine.

Capture your pet’s personality and enjoy a preserved memory for years to come. If you have questions or concerns about your pet, please call at 402-597-2691 or you may email  us:

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