Special Occasion 3D Prints

Keepsakes 3D Prints

What about your special occasions and celebrations, don’t forget all of those in your life.  


Kids grow so fast, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture them as they grow each year.  A picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a Print you can hold in your hands forever worth?  




Birthday Parties/Special Occasions:  Call for photo booth rental packages and details.

Corporate Events:  We do Corporate Events, whether it’s employee of the month prizes, sales awards, or portraits of the entire office/team, CaptureMe3D will provide a fast, easy and fun solutions for your company.  Are you looking for a team building exercise, let us help.

VIP Sessions available, call for details.

How about an individual scan of yourself, or a special friendship scans, scans to capture a special hobby, maybe your favorite character or a great Halloween Costume.  If it is important to you we can help you capture the moment at CaptureMe3D