Wedding Cake Toppers

3D  Weddings And Engagements

This is your special day, everything about a wedding and reception is a celebration of a couple’s love and their uniqueness as a couple. The location, the decor the theme, the music and your cake topper, will have your creativity on display.




CaptureMe3D gives you the incredible ability to create a topper that will be eye-catching, memorable and meaningful. You no longer have to settle for boring wedding cake toppers featuring a generic couple in an ordinary pose.


At CaptureMe3D in Omaha, we believe your wedding cake topper should be as personalized as your entire event.  

Keepsakes 3D Prints-People & Pets in 3D

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers 

Wedding Cake Toppers-People & Pets in 3D

The opportunities available to you for customized 3D wedding cake toppers is endless. Do you want to include your beloved pets in your topper? Do you want to showcase your support for your alma mater? Are you thinking about recreating the moment you met or your unforgettable proposal?


With limitless options available, CaptureMe3D is your trusted source for customized, high-quality 3D prints that will look amazing on your wedding cake. We invite you to get to know more about our stunning 3D wedding cake toppers today and to create a customized cake topper for your big event soon.


Add us to your wedding registry, let family and friends make your wedding special with a 3D keepsake.



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